9 reasons NOT to visit Florence

If you’re considering a trip to Florence this information will help you to make right decision.  

The buildings are all in bad shape and ready to fall down!

Oh, sorry it’s in Pisa, in other city near Florence. 🙂

Architecture is not even noteworthy…It’s just amazing!

The Duomo is the main attraction for most visitors of Florence, and for good reason. It is an ancient, ornate church in the center of the city. Touring around the Duomo is the perfect way to spend an early morning. If you’re up for a challenge, take the stairs and climb to the top! The view is breathtaking and truly unique to Florence.

The locals are dressed up like crazy people.

Ah, it’s also not in Florence, it’s Venice, another one beautiful city 😉

Food?! ..an absolute joke!…

This almost goes without saying, but the food in Florence is out of this world delicious. To make the most out of your dining experiences, I would recommend venturing a bit outside of the city center in order to enjoy the most authentic food in the city.

The desserts….ewwwwww….and gelato

How could one possibly go to Florence without indulging in some gelato? You can practically find a shop selling gelato on every street corner. Take a seat, close your eyes, and truly embrace the fact that you’re eating gelato in Italy. Best feeling ever!

Don’t even expect to taste any great wine here…

Florence is located right in the midst of Tuscany and is surrounded by grape-growing vineyards. My top recommendation would be to order yourself a glass of the locally loved Chianti. It is a bold, red wine that captures the essence of the Tuscan grapes.

One boring landscape after the other

If you need a break from the city, take a quick bus ride to one of the surrounding small, Tuscan towns. Chianti is a great option for a short trip outside of the city. You can relax in a vineyard surrounded by rolling hills and snack on homemade bread dipped in locally made olive oil. Seeing a small Tuscan town is a must.


Walk along the Arno River to truly embrace the feeling of spending time in Florence. You can enjoy every angle of the classic views that the bustling Tuscan city has to offer. Stop in one of the many cafes that line the river and sip on a creamy cappuccino for a quick coffee break.

NO comment about ART!

Michelangelo’s David statue is worth paying a visit to. It embodies the Renaissance era in Italy and showcases one of the most important and influential pieces from that time. Make sure to get there early, as the line to see this magnificent statue can grow quite long as the day goes on.

So, dear reader there is No point NOT to visit Italy! Welcome!