Horror Tours in Cesena

You’ve seen the bright lights. Cesena is a jewel in the middle of an enograstronomic paradise called Romagna. You couldn’t see a hint of mystery under the shiny summer sun.

The beautiful countryside, the magical Christmas atmosphere, Biblioteca Malatestiana and his impressive historic heritage. Founded in 1454, it is the most ancient european library still perfectly preserved. Impressive, huh?

You can find all kinds of informations on the Internet about everything these days. What we want to give you building this tour is something else.

The things you don’t happen to read in books even the ones some monks painted, with all due respect, like 600 years ago.

We listened to the streets. We went through oral histories old people share with grandchildrens by the fireplace. Did you know, for example, that Cesena has a rich tradition of ghost stories?

Guys, meet “La Casa del Diavolo”, commonly referred to as “The Palazzaccio”

Il Palazzaccio in Cesena
“Sometimes at night we can hear people whistling and screaming at night” Adriano, 53 years old, local resident

If you are interested in Cesena’s history:

If you speak to locals every single soul has something to say about this building. Legend has it that the Devil himself built this house for his two sons. The brothers were always fighting over bragging rights so he somehow split “Il Palazzaccio” in half. Just how is it possible?

What we see here is one part.. but the other?

In this map from 1734, the building looks intact. So.. when did the “split” happen?

Mystery lies around. The most accredited version is the missing half is the near town of Forlimpopoli. Do you want to hear this absurd theory? There might be a tunnel underground that connects the two sides. The Devil is really in the details, as they say.

Are you really sure Cesena is a safe place now? Every rose has its spines. Come and visit us to hear this story. Explore “Palazzaccio” and many others scary places with us.

Our expert Davide, will tell you exactly how an unexplained news story from the 18th century relates Cesena to Charles Dickens, one of the greatest writers in the history of mankind.

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